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Here, you’ll find videos of interviews we’ve conducted, special features, as well as an archive of Richard Friend’s Lost Laurel episodes produced for Laurel TV.

Capital Centre | A Retrospective

This announcement of our newest book project at 8:05 AM on December 15, 2022 came on the 20th anniversary (to the minute!) of the Capital Centre's demolition. Capital Centre | A Retrospective will honor the beloved venue's legacy through photos, stories, artifacts, and ephemera. Along with Heavy Metal Parking Lot producer Jeff Krulik, we’re already deep into the project, which we plan to have printed and available in time for another important anniversary—the 50th anniversary of the Capital Centre’s grand opening, next December 2nd! We’re working with the Pollin family and the University of Maryland University Libraries to make this happen, but we’re also looking to YOU. Please comb through your photo albums, ticket stub collections, attics, and basements to find anything and everything related to the Capital Centre. We’ll help you scan and/or photograph any items you may have that could potentially be included in the book. We look forward to sharing more details and progress in the new year, but for now, start revisiting your Capital Centre memories and let us know what you find!

Newly discovered film of George Wallace shooting

The Laurel History Boys' Richard Friend shares how they discovered a never-before-seen 8mm film capturing the 1972 shooting of presidential candidate George Wallace at Laurel Shopping Center.

Kevin Leonard and Richard Friend interview

The Laurel History Boys discuss their latest book, Laurel at 150, which chronicles the history of Laurel, Maryland just in time for the city's sesquicentennial.

An Informal Evening with the Mayors of Laurel

An informal roundtable discussion with current Mayor Craig Moe and former mayors Bob DiPietro, Joe Robison and Mike Leszcz at Partnership Hall. Former mayor Dani Duniho, who lives in Tucson, Ariz., couldn’t attend in person, but provided answers to the questions in an earlier phone interview. Her answers were read during the discussion. The group represented the office of the mayor from 1978 to the present, with the exception of the years 1994 to 2001, when the late Frank Casula was in office. This was a historic and unprecedented chance to reminisce together, and made for an enjoyable and memorable night.

Lost Laurel Episode 7:
Stefanie Watson Cold Case

Richard Friend recalls the 1982 murder that shocked Laurel and remained unsolved for 30 years. Learn how his 2012 Lost Laurel blog post marking the 30th anniversary of the crime played a part in ultimately convicting the killer.

Lost Laurel Episode 6:
Date Night in Laurel

Host Richard Friend takes viewers on a historic tour of date night favorites from Laurel, Maryland's past—including movie theaters, restaurants, and special events. Laurel Leader columnist Kevin Leonard interviews Bruce Remer, who was at the landmark Laurel Pop Festival of 1969.

Lost Laurel Episode 5:
Revisiting the Lost & Found Laurel Exhibit

Host Richard Friend provides a tour of the Laurel Museum's 2014 exhibit, "Lost & Found Laurel"—highlighting artifacts from countless stores, restaurants, and experiences of vintage Laurel, Maryland, along with a few new discoveries.

Lost Laurel Episode 4:
History of Laurel Shopping Center, Part 2

For its 10-year anniversary in 1966, Laurel Shopping Center doubled its size. It expanded even further with the addition of Georgetown Alley in 1971, and connected with the new Laurel Centre Mall in 1979. In this episode, Denny Berman (son of founder Melvin Berman) visits the shopping center he helped build and reminisces with Laurel Leader columnist Kevin Leonard. Also, relive Laurel Shopping Center's day of infamy--the 1972 shooting of controversial presidential candidate George Wallace.

Lost Laurel Episode 3:
History of Laurel Shopping Center, Part 1

Part one of a two-part series on the history of Laurel Shopping Center, from its creation in 1956 to the expansions that ultimately included Laurel Centre Mall. Produced by Laurel TV. Hosted by Richard Friend, and based on his blog, Lost Laurel.

Lost Laurel Episode 2:

This special Halloween episode of Lost Laurel features an interview with Rich Blankenship, owner of Laurel's House of Horror in the old Cinema at Laurel Shopping Center; the ghosts of buildings past, including Fyffe's Service Center; the allegedly haunted Bay 'n Surf restaurant, and the bizarre murder that may have inspired the stories; a tragedy at Laurel Centre Mall's 1980 Halloween Costume Contest; Laurel Leader columnist Kevin Leonard shares the full story behind the notorious Laurel Sanitarium; Avondale Mill; the Ninth Street Bridge, and James Ladenburg's miniature models of 1880s Laurel. Produced for Laurel TV. Hosted by Richard Friend, and based on his blog, Lost Laurel.

Lost Laurel Episode 1:
Main Street

Pilot episode for the first show chosen by the city of Laurel, Maryland's revamped cable access network, Laurel TV. Hosted by Richard Friend, and based on his blog, Lost Laurel.

Kevin Leonard on the history of the Laurel Sanitarium

Last week CTV News introduced a trio that calls itself the "Laurel History Boys." The group collects memorabilia of the city's past and brings long-forgotten stories back to life. One of those stories took place in a part of Laurel that no longer has a trace of its history, a place that once held the Laurel Sanitarium. Patricia Villone reports.

Laurel History Boys interview

They find and share stories about their beloved city that you don't always discover in newspapers and museums. They call themselves the "Laurel History Boys," a trio that brings together memorabilia, photos, and old stories for generations to come. Patricia Villone recently caught up with part of the trio at their weekly hangout in Laurel, MD.

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